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Handy organizing app for your videos

Owning a large collection of videos sometimes makes it hard to search for particular content. It is even more so if you save your videos in various folders and do not name them properly.  It also doesn’t help that computers generally don’t have a preview for videos. You would need to play the file with your video player to check the content. Video Hub App 2 is a utility software that lets you create a virtual library for your videos. The app also provides you with stills from the clips and other functionalities to make managing your video collection easier.

Create video hubs easily

Video Hub App 2 gives you an easier way to sort and preview all the videos you have on your computer and external hard drive. Think of it as Youtube, only that it works offline. It shows you all your video files and allows you to get previews without opening it. 

Creating a hub is easy. From your computer, you only need to choose the folder with your videos. Then, you need to specify how many screenshots you would like to extract from every video. After that, you need to provide the location where you want to save them. The app will create a “hub,” which will then give you thumbnails of the videos you choose. Hovering your mouse in any of the thumbnails will trigger a series of stills to play successively to give you a glimpse of its content.

The app also allows you to create multiple hubs to further organize your collection into various categories. More, it has a configuration menu that provides you with many customizable settings. Some of them include hiding the search filter sidebar or turning some features visible or invisible. You can also clear the recently opened history or rescan the video folder. You can also enable the dark mode if your eyes are sensitive to bright lights.

All in all, Video Hub App 2 is a recommended video manager if you want to have a quick and stylish way of handling your videos. 


  • Instant preview of videos
  • Customizable settings
  • Allows creation of multiple hubs
  • Easy to create video hubs


  • 50-video limit per hub for the free version
  • Creating a hub takes a while


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Video Hub App 2


Video Hub App 2 2.0.0 for PC


User reviews about Video Hub App 2

  • Boris Yakubchik

    by Boris Yakubchik

    Works great! Easy to use, has many different ways to preview your videos. Extensive search functionality. Lots of customizable settingsMore

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